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Judge Temporarily Blocks Wisconsin Bargaining Law
By Daniel Fisher (2010 Fellow), March 18, 2011
The AP is reporting a state judge in Wisconsin has temporarily blocked a law that stripped thousands of government workers of some of their collective- bargaining rights, following a challenge from the Dane County district attorney.

Worldview: Constitutional referendum a turning point for Egypt ...
By Trudy Rubin (2010 Fellow), March 17, 2011

U.S. Courts Dust Off High Seas Piracy Laws
By Carrie Johnson (2011 Fellow), March 16, 2011
The anti-piracy law is one of the oldest crimes on the books.

Four Missing New York Times Journalists
The Daily Beast
By Babak Dehghanpisheh (2009 Fellow), March 16, 2011
Four journalists have disappeared in war-torn Libya. Newsweek/The Daily Beast's Babak Dehghanpisheh on the frightening situation and his last conversation with them.

The 'Other Muslim' in Congress
By Nathan Guttman (2009 Fellow), March 16, 2011
From his all-American name to the clean cut of…

Expert: TSA scanners may cause 100 cancer cases a year ...
Philadelphia Inquirer
By Daniel Rubin (2010 Fellow), March 16, 2011
If the rallying cry of outraged air travelers last fall was "Don't Touch My Junk," a simpler and softer call has risen from an Alaska state ...

Abortion Bill Leading Republicans Off Rails
By Jonathan Alter (2009 guest speaker), March 14, 2011
Do so-called pro-life activists want to posture about abortion or actually reduce the number of aborted…

By U.S. Senator Jon Kyl (2007 guest speaker), March 14, 2011
The following column is adapted from remarks delivered by Senator Kyl to the Nixon Center on March 8. Senator Kyl was honored with…

Has Obama Lived Up To His Pledge On Transparency?
By Carrie Johnson (2011 Fellow), March 14, 2011
Like a lot of federal agencies, the Obama Justice Department is celebrating government ...

Abortion mill? That's not the Planned Parenthood I know
By Susan Nielsen (2007 Fellow), March 13, 2011
I've sat in waiting rooms of Planned Parenthood all over the Northwest, first in Walla Walla as a college student and later…

Worldview: Turkey's crackdown on the press smacks of ...
Philadelphia Inquirer
By Trudy Rubin (2010 Fellow), March 13, 2011
During my recent trip to Egypt, many young activists told me Turkey's democracy might be a model for them to follow. In their minds, Turkey, ...

Guest commentary: Covering Politics With David Broder
By Lou Cannon (2009 guest speaker), March 12, 2011
David S. Broder, in the words of the Founders, had a decent respect for the opinion of mankind. Unlike so many political journalists, he always wanted to know what others thought. Indeed, Broder ended one of his ...

Seattle City Council Rejects Mayor's Homeless Camp
By Amy Radil (2011 Fellow), March 11, 2011
When Mike McGinn first proposed a permanent homeless camp in Sodo, City Council members said they couldn't spare the funding, ...

The Round-Up: Week of March 7
State Press
By Andrew Hedlund (2011 Fellow), March 10, 2011
What a week it has been. Tuition, arrests, health care, guns and much more. Welcome to the place where you can get the week's news in a jiffy. Welcome to The Round-Up.

Justice Department's National Security Post May Go To Veteran ...
By Carrie Johnson (2011 Fellow), March 10, 2011
Lisa O. Monaco has emerged as the leading candidate to run the ... Security Division, two sources familiar with the situation tell NPR.

How Peter King's Muslim Hearings Help the Terrorists
The Daily Beast
By Jonathan Alter (2009 guest speaker), March 10, 2011
Rep. Peter King's hearings today on homegrown Muslim terrorists may not make him a McCarthy or a bigot, but the anxiety he's creating within the Muslim-American community will reduce ...

The Goldschmidt bill: Time limits for sex crimes can have benefits ...
By Susan Nielsen (2007 Fellow), March 10, 2011
Former Gov. Neil Goldschmidt isn't the only child abuser in Oregon who has reached old age without ever spending a day behind prison bars.

Review of Islam and the Secular State
The Blog for the Center for Jewish Law
By Perry Dane (2008 faculty), March 8, 2011
Negotiating the Future of Shari‛a by Abduallahi Ahmed An-Na‛im…

John Adams' toughest case: Defending the British
The Daily
By Konstantin Kakaes (2011 Fellow), March 8, 2011
Three men died on the morning of March 5, 1770…

Court Rules For Death Row Inmate Seeking DNA Tests
By Nina Totenberg (2008 guest speaker), March 7, 2011
Last year, protests were held in France to show support for death row inmate Hank Skinner, who had been scheduled to be put to death that March. Skinner was 45 minutes away from execution when the Supreme Court granted a stay to hear ...

Justice Samuel Alito, the Supreme Court's privacy cop
Washington Post
By Jeffrey Rosen (2010 faculty), March 6, 2011
By an 8 to 1 vote this past week, the Supreme Court upheld the First Amendment right of Kansas's Westboro Baptist Church to engage in ...

We Don't Need UN Approval to Save Libyan Lives
Wall Street Journal
By John Yoo (2008 faculty), March 5, 2011
President Obama this week said "Moammar Gadhafi has lost the legitimacy to lead, and he must leave." Yet the Obama administration continues to shun the very steps that might hasten the Libyan tyrant's fall—imposing a no-fly zone over Libya ...

John Edwards lands "heavy hitter" in Greg Craig
CBS News
By Jan Crawford (2007 faculty), March 4, 2011
... the hiring of Craig has just recently become public, he was actually brought on six weeks ago, reports CBS News chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford.

GOP's presidential hopefuls not diving into race - CBS Evening ...
By Jeff Greenfield (2011 guest speaker), March 3, 2011
He's not ready to throw his hat in the ring, but he did stick his toe in the water Thursday, CBS News correspondent Jeff Greenfield reports.

Let convict take a DNA test
Philadelphia Inquirer
By Daniel Rubin (2010 Fellow), March 3, 2011
Maybe Anthony Wright did rape and kill his 77-year-old neighbor back in 1991 on Nice Street. The evidence certainly pointed to him. ...