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What If bin Laden Had Been Captured, Not Killed? An Alternate History.
Washington Post
By Jeff Greenfield (2010 guest speaker), May 6, 2011
They had trained tirelessly and prepared for every conceivable contingency — guards armed with automatic weapons, martyrs with suicide…

Attorney General: 'Right Decision' On Sept. 11 Trials
By Carrie Johnson (2011 Fellow), May 4, 2011
The daring U.S. military raid that killed Osama bin Laden may have closed a chapter in America's long fight against terrorism, but…

White House Weighs Releasing Bin Laden Photos
By Ari Shapiro (2007 Fellow), May 3, 2011
The White House has photos of Osama bin Laden from the raid that resulted in his death Sunday.

Osama Bin Laden Death Reignites Battle Over Waterboarding, 'Enhanced Interrogation'
ABC News
By Ariane De Vogue (2011 Fellow), May 3, 2011
The death of Osama bin Laden has reignited debate about interrogation techniques and whether the framework set up during the Bush administration…

It's Not About His Birth, It's About His Race
CNN International
By Sherrilyn A. Ifill (faculty and advisory board member), April 28, 2011
Special to CNN President Barack Obama makes a statement on his…

Why Are Conservatives, Not Liberals, Fixated On Amending The Constitution?
The New Republic
By Jeffrey Rosen (2010 Faculty), April 18, 2011
On January 22, the first anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, I attended a summit…

Republicans Mount Defense Of Anti-Gay Marriage Law
GPB News
By Carrie Johnson (2011 Fellow), April 18, 2011
On Monday, House Republicans are scheduled to weigh in with a federal court in New York on the side of a law called the Defense of Marriage Act.

Why Do We Keep Choosing Ineffective Urban Interventions?
Harvard Business Review
By Charles Ogletree (2008 guest speaker), April 15, 2011
Last week, the NAACP released a report with a blunt, but sadly accurate, title — Misplaced Priorities…

Defending the Constitution in Anti-Immigrant Times
By Cecillia Wang (2011 guest speaker), April 15, 2011
Ms. Wang discusses her work on behalf of immigrant rights in her inaugural lecture as Vanderbilt’s Social Justice Fellow.

Jailed for a Suicide Attempt
The Daily Beast
By Jennifer Block (2010 Fellow), April 13, 2011
After a pregnant Indiana woman tried to kill herself—and lost her newborn—the state threw her in prison.

Foreign Policy: On Libya, Obama's Clock Is Ticking
By Bruce Ackerman (2010 guest speaker) and Oona Hathaway, April 7, 2011
It's now clear that the Libya campaign won't last "days, not weeks," as U.S. President Barack Obama promised…

What Happens When a Jury Gets it Wrong?
(Original for the PJP blog)
By Erin Moriarty (2010 fellow), April 4, 2011
The promise of a fair trial is not uniquely American – like much of American judicial procedure, it was inherited from the English…

Super Lawyers contributor Martin Kuz recalls Peter Jennings Project
Legal Current
By Martin Kuz (2011 Fellow), April 1, 2011
The following is a guest post from Super Lawyers contributor and freelance journalist Martin Kuz, detailing his experience as a fellow at the Peter Jennings…

Discrimination and the Supreme Court: Wal-Mart case could …
By Susan Nielsen (2007 Fellow), March 30, 2011
Plaintiff Betty Dukes stands outside the Supreme Court in Washington, DC…

Judge Allows Suit Over Restrictions On Inmates To Go Forward
By Carrie Johnson (2011 Fellow) and Margot Williams, March 30, 2011
A federal judge in Washington will allow inmates in two restrictive prison units designed for terrorists and other prisoners…

Supreme Court Hears Wal-Mart Case
The Takeaway
By John Hockenberry (2011 guest speaker), March 29, 2011
To explain what impact this case will have is Jeffrey Rosen (2010 faculty)…

Wal-Mart vs. The Women
PBS Nightly Business Report
Featuring Lisa Blatt (2011 faculty), March 28, 2011
A potential billion-dollar battle takes center stage at the Supreme Court tomorrow…

Antiwar Senator, War-Powers President
Wall Street Journal
By John Yoo (2008 faculty), March 25, 2011
President Barack Obama has again flip-flopped on national security—and we can all be grateful. Having kept Guantanamo Bay open, resumed military…

Obama's Unconstitutional War
Foreign Policy
By Bruce Ackerman (2010 guest speaker), March 24, 2011
In taking the country into a war with Libya, Barack Obama's administration is breaking new ground in its construction of…

Judge Temporarily Blocks Wisconsin Bargaining Law
By Daniel Fisher (2010 Fellow), March 18, 2011
The AP is reporting a state judge in Wisconsin has temporarily blocked a law that stripped thousands of government workers of some of their collective- bargaining rights, following a challenge from the Dane County district attorney.

Worldview: Constitutional referendum a turning point for Egypt ...
By Trudy Rubin (2010 Fellow), March 17, 2011