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Birth Control and Women’s Preventive Care With No Co-Pay Now a Reality
The Daily Femme
By Annamarya Scaccia (2011 Fellow), August 4, 2011
This week has seen a tremendous victory for women’s right to health care. On Monday, the US Department of Health and Human Services released new guidelines under the Affordable Care Act…

The Constitution, Obama and raising the debt ceiling
Los Angeles Times
By Erwin Chemerinksy (2009 Faculty), July 29, 2011
Lately, everywhere I go, people ask the same question: Isn't there some mechanism for the president to act unilaterally to raise the debt ceiling and avoid financial disaster?

How Would the Supreme Court Rule on Obama Raising the Debt Ceiling Himself?
The New Republic
By Jeffrey Rosen (2010 Faculty), July 29, 2011
“I’ve talked to my lawyers,” President Obama said in explaining his dismissal of the argument that Section Four of the Fourteenth Amendment authorizes him to raise the debt ceiling if Congress fails to act.

Obama Targets Political Donors
Philadelphia Inquirer
By David Marston, John Yoo (2008 faculty), July 24, 2011
Punishing political enemies? So Nixonian, so last century. Yet, 40 years later, the Obama administration found a good government way to pursue the same objective.

What happens to American politics if we default? Hello, third party.
Washington Post
By Jeff Greenfield (2011 guest speaker), July 18, 2011
He took his hand off the Bible, extended it to Chief Justice John Roberts, waited for the 21-gun salute and began to shake his head…

Second Amendment Firearms Expert Jackie Emslie
Initiative Radio
By Angela McKenzie (2011 Fellow), July 18, 2011
Out of the 77,000 National Rifle Association (NRA) certified firearms trainers only 1,700 are women; so Angela McKenzie, a Peter Jennings Journalist Fellow for the United States Constitution traveled to Poughkeepsie, NY to track down one of them…

Feeling ambivalent about teenagers' "right" to buy violent video …
By Susan Nielson (2007 Fellow), June 29, 2011
The Supreme Court overturned a state law this week banning the sale of violent video games to minors…

Supreme Court Declares California Video Game Law Unconstitutional
By Channel Lee (2010 Fellow), June 27, 2011
“Mortal Kombat” and “Grand Theft Auto” for everyone! On Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down a California law…

One Document, Under Siege
By Richard Stengel (Advisory Board Member), June 23, 2011
Here are a few things the framers did not know about: World War II. DNA. Sexting. Airplanes. The atom…

Is Wal-Mart Too Big To Discriminate?
The Root
By Sherrilyn Ifill (faculty and advisory board member), June 22, 2011
Yesterday's U.S. Supreme Court decision in Wal-Mart v. Dukes — the largest employment-discrimination suit ever filed in the United States …

Georgia Supreme Court Upholds Mental Retardation Burden of Proof
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
By Bill Rankin (2008 Fellow) June 13, 2011
The Georgia Supreme Court on Monday upheld the state's requirement that death-penalty defendants prove they…

Where's the Tea Party When You Need It?
Education Next
By Peter Meyer (2010 Fellow) June 3, 2011
A friend emailed earlier in the week: “Breathtaking.” It was the first of many such emails and phone calls.

Supreme Court Throws Out Suit Against Ashcroft
By Nina Totenberg (2008 guest speaker), May 31, 2011
The US Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that former Attorney General John Ashcroft cannot be sued for damages for the detention of an American Muslim.

Divine Constitutional Abomination
Huffington Post
By Jeffrey Rosen (2010 Faculty), May 27, 2011
Recent news reports have revealed that the nation’s largest Tea Party umbrella group is seeking to infiltrate our public schools with the radical theory that the Constitution is divinely inspired.

Supreme Court Ruling Could Clear Crowded Prisons
CBS News
By Jan Crawford (2007 Faculty), May 23, 2011
Conditions in prisons violate inmates’ rights. Jan Crawford reports on how the decision could unlock prison doors for tens of thousands of criminals.

Way Out of Courts’ Gridlock
Philadelphia Inquirer
By Arlen Specter (2011 Faculty), May 23, 2011
With the US Senate’s judicial confirmation process choked by filibusters and gridlock, the federal courts in Pennsylvania are riddled with vacancies…

Should USAID Use Public Funds For Religious Entities Overseas?
By Nathan Guttman (2009 Fellow), May 18, 2011
A seemingly minor proposal buried in the … who also signed the letter, told the Forward that he believes the proposed…

Death of the War Powers Act?
Washington Post
By Bruce Ackerman (2010 guest speaker) and Oona Hathaway, May 17, 2011
This week, the War Powers Act confronts its moment of truth. Friday will mark the 60th day since President Obama told…

Faith Healing: Finally, Oregon Looks and Sees the Emergency
By Susan Nielsen (2007 Fellow), May 15, 2011
This child suffered a disfigured face and compromised vision when her parents choose to medical care in the name of religion…

Greater Fairness for One Group Means Greater Fairness and Opportunities for All
The Huntsville Times -
By Kay Campbell (2011 Fellow), May 12, 2011
This spring, I have been studying, really studying the U.S. Constitution, a document that I cannot help but see as fundamentally inspired.

Supreme Court: Class (action) Dismissed
Los Angeles Times
By Erwin Chemerinsky (2009 faculty), May 10, 2011
The Supreme Court‘s recent 5-4 decision preventing consumers from bringing class-action suits against corporations is part of a…

John Yoo: Tough Interrogations Worked
USA Today
By John Yoo (2008 faculty), May 10, 2011
We should praise the Obama administration, the CIA and especially our armed forces for the operation that killed Osama bin Laden. But we should not forget what made the operation possible: President Bush‘s counterterrorism policies.

Was bin Laden Killing Legal Under International Law?
By Ariane de Vogue (2011 Fellow), May 6, 2011
Since the death of Osama bin Laden Sunday, administration officials have repeatedly said that the mission to kill him complied…