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Collegiate Fellowship Application, Peter Jennings Project

Please submit your completed application by December 1, 2011. Questions can be directed to

Part One

Part Two

Note: file size is limited to 2MB.

Part Three

Part Four

The Peter Jennings Project for Journalists and the Constitution is dedicated to assembling a body of work relating directly or indirectly to the Fellows’ experience at our program. We therefore require confirmation from your advisor to the journalism program or student newspaper (if applicable) that he or she will commit to allowing you to do some work in the next year relating to constitutional issues. Please attach a brief statement from your advisor expressing that commitment and describing why he or she feels this fellowship would benefit the work you do.

Note: file size is limited to 2MB.

Part Five

The following questions are not part of your application and your answers have no bearing on our decision to accept you as a Peter Jennings Project Fellow. They are intended to help improve the Project, so your honest answers would be appreciated: