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“Journalists looking to understand America need, finally, to confront the Constitution. Here is a place where they can do that, and come away enlightened.”
Akhil Amar, Yale Law School

How can journalists report accurately on issues confronting Americans if they aren’t familiar with the Constitution? The Peter Jennings Project for Journalists and the Constitution addresses this concern which has, in turn, left too many Americans unaware of their own country’s strength and character. Drawing upon the wisdom of some of the most brilliant constitutional experts in the United States, each year the Jennings Project puts a select group of very accomplished midcareer journalists through an immersion experience in constitutional issues. Jennings Fellows participate in case law workshops, witness a vibrant moot court featuring the nation’s top litigants as they grapple with a thorny contemporary topic, and engage in dynamic programming that shows the Constitution as the foundation of American life, rather than a legal document understood only by judges and constitutional scholars. Hear what past Fellows are saying about the Peter Jennings Project. Read their recently published work.