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“The Moot Court was simply awesome.” – David Gura, National Public Radio

The Peter Jennings Project provides a unique opportunity for participants to explore the constitutional dimensions in the news today through dynamic workshops with leading journalists, jurists, scholars, and political leaders. Through a variety of programs, participants – named Jennings Fellows – experience how the constitutional discussion is not limited to the domain of the court system, academic exchange, and high school civics classes; it reaches into the fabric of daily life and therefore affects so much of what journalists write, broadcast, edit, and produce.

Jennings Project participants have included Akhil Amar; Michael Chertoff; Barney Frank; Elena Kagan; Ted Koppel; John Kyl; John Lewis; Charles Ogletree; Arlen Specter; Kenneth W. Starr; George Stephanopoulos; Jeffrey Toobin; Nina Totenberg; David Westin; and John Yoo.


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