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In 1979, John McChesney joined National Public Radio, where he served as national editor and senior foreign editor. During the 1990s, McChesney reported on technology from Silicon Valley. Recently he has been reporting on the war in Iraq, mostly from the home front, although he has been embedded with several National Guard units in Iraq over the past two years. In 2005, he produced a major investigative piece on the only death to occur in the Abu Ghraib scandal. He has reported on National Guard training, equipment shortages, extended deployments, and the burden placed on families by long deployments. He has also reported on several major military trials of Navy Seals, Abu Ghraib Military Police, and U.S. Marines. Reared in Maine and Missouri, McChesney spent four years in the Air Force and then attended Southern Methodist University. He has a master’s in American Literature from Stanford University.