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Kayce Freed Jennings is co-founder and executive vice president of TDG. She was senior producer on documentaries including State of the Union, Out of Control: AIDS In Black America (winner of the Peabody Award), and To Iraq and Back: Bob Woodruff Reports (also a Peabody recipient) – all of which aired on the ABC Television Network. She began her career at ABC News in London as a producer for Nightline, covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She relocated to ABC News’ Atlanta Bureau, where she concentrated on the southern United States, the Caribbean, Latin America and national politics. When World News Tonight with Peter Jennings launched its groundbreaking series, "The American Agenda," Kayce was one of its pioneering producers, specializing in social policy issues. The work received numerous awards. She went on to produce for the prime time news magazine programs Day One and 20/20. Kayce also has deep connections to the not-for-profit world and works closely with The Coalition for the Homeless, Teach for America, the National Constitution Center, among other organizations. She is on the boards of Women In Need and The Peter Jennings Project for Journalists and the Constitution, and she serves on the Judicial Election Qualifications Commission in New York City.