The Players
Be a Candidate
Be a Campaign Worker
Be an Active Citizen
Path to the White House
The Campaign Begins
Primaries & Caucuses
General Election
Electoral College
Oval Office
The Campaign Begins

Now that you’ve tried some of the different roles,
it is time to head to the White House!

First stop: the primaries & caucuses. Then it is on to the party
, where you and thousands of others nominate your candidate.
But after that, proceed with caution, because presidential debates take
plenty of practice and quick thinking.

spacer Then it’s crunch time! Everyone who
supports the campaign needs to do their
part to get the vote out on Election Day.
The action doesn’t stop on Election Day.
The Electoral College needs to cast their
votes, and then it is on to Washington, D.C.,
for the inauguration and running the country!
Fun Facts