The Constitution and the Administrative State

January 10, 2017

Federal judges and scholars explore important historical and constitutional issues related to the administrative state in this special event from the National Constitution Center on January 10, 2017.

You can watch the event replay in the video player below or at the following link:

The Founders and Ideas about the Role of Government in Society

Randy Barnett, Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Legal Theory, Georgetown Law
Elizabeth Wydra, President, Constitutional Accountability Center
Moderated by Jeffrey Rosen, President and CEO, National Constitution Center

The Development of the Administrative State

Ilya Somin, Professor of Law, George Mason University
Michele Landis Dauber, Frederick I. Richman Professor of Law, Stanford Law School
Moderated by Judge Jeremy Fogel, Director, Federal Judicial Center

The Significance of the History of the Administrative State for the Federal Judiciary

William A. Fletcher, Circuit Judge, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
Kent A. Jordan, Circuit Judge, Third Circuit Court of Appeals
Moderated by Judge Jeremy Fogel, Director, Federal Judicial Center

This program was presented in partnership with the Federal Judicial Center.

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