Headed to the White House

Headed to the White House demonstrates the process that leads to one of our most important freedoms, the right to vote. With is appeal to young and old folks alike, the display also offers every generation an opportunity to become informed.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer

“The interactive displays allow kids to create campaign buttons, press the flesh and try their hand at delivering presidential speeches that actually shaped history.”
- WOWT Channel 6 NBC

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For exhibition availability and more information, please contact Stephanie Reyer, Vice President of Exhibitions, at 215-409-6687 or SReyer@constitutioncenter.org

Once every four years, the entire nation comes together in a single act of citizenship: electing a president of the United States. But what goes into the exhilarating and sometimes bumpy path to the presidency? Headed to the White House, a traveling exhibition developed by the National Constitution Center, examines and illustrates the excitement and pageantry of our election process with multimedia experiences, hands-on activities, and role-playing opportunities that take students and families from the campaign trail to Election Day—all in one visit!

Exhibition highlights include:

  • More than 300 campaign buttons from almost every presidential election since 1832
  • An interactive speech coach to practice public speaking and deliver a persuasive message
  • An “Ad-o-Matic” for visitors to create and star in their own campaign commercial
  • Activities that let visitors step into the shoes of a campaign manager, reporter, and candidate
  • The chance to take a seat behind the desk in our Oval Office as the new commander in chief!

This exhibition has been featured at prestigious institutions around the country including the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the William J. Clinton Presidential Center.


Target Audience: School groups and families with children
Size: 3000 square feet
Ceiling Height: 10 feet
Security: Medium

Educational Resources

The exhibit also includes an integrated package of curriculum material and a companion website.

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