Constitution Day Partners

Civics Renewal Network

The Civics Renewal Network is an alliance of 26 organizations committed to working together to increase the visibility of civics education. These organizations share the belief that understanding the Constitution plays a vital role in helping young people become responsible and engaged citizens

"The Words We Live By"

Linda R. Monk, an award-winning author and journalist, takes us through the Constitution, line by line, to help us comprehend this amazing document and to see the variety of ways in which it has been interpreted.

The National Archives and Records Administration

The National Archives and Records Administration serves American democracy by safeguarding and preserving the records of our Government, ensuring that the people can discover, use, and learn from this documentary heritage. We ensure continuing access to the essential documentation of the rights of American citizens and the actions of their government. We support democracy, promote civic education, and facilitate historical understanding of our national experience.

Constitution Day at the Bill of Rights Institute

Looking for Constitution Day activities? Download a free lesson plan on McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) from our newest publication, Supreme Court DBQs, Volume II. Students will analyze primary source documents including the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers, Supreme Court opinions, political cartoons, and more to understand more about the Necessary and Proper Clause in the Constitution. See the Bill of Rights Institute website for more Constitution Day resources like lesson plans, interactive activities, videos, and SMART Board activities.

Share My Lesson

Share My Lesson was developed by the American Federation of Teachers, a union of over 1.5 million professionals, and TSL Education, creators of TES Connect, the largest network of teachers in the world. Share My Lesson is a place where educators can come together to share their greatest teaching resources and collaborate on best practices at no cost. Share My Lesson features a significant resource bank aligned to the Common Core State Standards, including advice and guidance to aid in their successful implementation.

Gilder Lerhman

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History is the premier national resource for professional development and classroom support in the subject of American history. Gilder Lehrman’s website offers History by Era, an online history content portal providing in-depth analysis and resources on U.S. eras and themes from the 1490’s to modern day. Find resources such as primary sources with images, presentations by historians and master teachers, podcasts, and more to enhance your Constitution Day instruction. Registration is free for all K-12 students and educators. Teachers are also encouraged to enroll their schools as Gilder Lehrman Affiliate Schools. This special status provides additional resources and professional development opportunities at no cost.


The Constitutional Sources Project (ConSource) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization devoted to increasing understanding, facilitating research, and encouraging discussion of the U.S. Constitution by connecting individuals with the documentary history of its creation, ratification, and amendment.


Meet your Constitution Day teaching requirement with fun, engaging, and easy-to-use games and lesson plans from iCivics.

American Center for Educators Online at the National Constitution Center

Online Professional Development for Educators that improves student learning in classrooms and schools across the nation.

American Institute for History Education

AIHE is a leading provider of technology-based classroom and professional development resources for History, Social Studies and Language Arts teachers. An award-winning organization, AIHE was founded in 2003 to provide teachers with classroom tools designed to increase the overall academic achievement of students.

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Pocket Constitution
Pocket Constitution
The Pocket United States Constitutions are 9-by-22 inches and fold into an approximately 3-by-3 inch square. Receive one FREE Classroom-Ready Resource when purchasing 150 or more Pocket Constitutions.
Constitution Day Kit
Constitution Day Kit
Everything you need for a Constitution Day lesson and activities. Comes with lesson plan, DVD, pocket constitutions and more!