Paid Positions

Experience Guide

The Experience Guide engages every visitor with education and entertainment to facilitate a passion and interest in the Center’s exhibitions and programs. Guide presents programs and activities for school groups and the general public on a daily basis that are welcoming and entertaining. Guide engages visitors in thematically rich experiences while delivering entertaining content and superior customer service to ensure an exceptional visitor experience. In addition, the Guide serves as a member of the Center’s Promotions Team, with a primary responsibility to actively and enthusiastically engage potential guests outside the Center. The main priority of the Promotions Team is to promote and advertise the Center by utilizing various marketing strategies throughout the city and at outside events sponsored by the Center

Manager of Foundation Giving

The Manager of Foundation Giving, working in close coordination with the development team, maintains and cultivates relations, develops and submits written proposals and budget, manages grant tracking and reporting, researches and identifies new foundation prospects, maintains recognition program for foundation donors, works closely with finance team on project budgets, builds pipeline of foundation grants, and maintains proper documentation of all communications. Due to the nature of this position, all tasks are carried out in a confidential manner.