Building Engineer

Department: Operations

REPORTS TO: Senior Director of Operations



National Constitution Center: Our Vision
The National Constitution Center inspires active citizenship as the only place where people across America and around the world can come together to learn about, debate, and celebrate the greatest vision of human freedom in history, the U.S. Constitution.

National Constitution Center: Our Mission
We serve as America’s leading platform for constitutional education and debate, fulfilling our Congressional charter, “to disseminate information about the U.S. Constitution on a non-partisan basis.”


The Building Engineer coordinates the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of all necessary building systems. Engineer coordinates and controls a range of sophisticated, stand-alone electrical, mechanical, and digital building control systems. Engineer performs preventative maintenance, changes, improvements, and repairs to building systems as appropriate, sketches, drawings, and blueprints for proper use of equipment decisions.


•    Monitor and maintain optimum performance of all building systems, including, but not limited to, elevators, and all digitally controlled mechanical, electrical/electronic, and safety systems
•    Oversee policies, procedures, management, and operation of computer programs governing building systems while organizing and establishing priorities
•    Investigate, troubleshoot, and analyze information to draw conclusions and recommend courses of action
•    Understand, maintain, and repair de-ionized water systems, acid neutralization systems, and HVAC systems
•    Understand, maintain, and repair basic building operating systems, including, but not limited to, boilers, chillers, cooling tower, generator, pumps, and air handlers
•    Use power tools and hand tools to measure, cut, bend, and join pipes
•    Cut openings for pipes in walls, floors, and ceilings
•    Test for leaks and troubleshoot any problems during daily building operations
•    Clean and maintain pipe units and replace worn out parts or units
•    Coordinate work with independent contractors
•    Develop and maintain recordkeeping systems and procedures
•    Solve problems using practical experience and analytical thinking
•    Understand semiconductor processing techniques and low and high vacuum systems
•    Operate, calibrate, debug, and troubleshoot technically advanced building control systems and software
•    Perform appropriate maintenance and custodial principles and standards
•    Transport, set-up, break down, and install items including, but not limited to, staging, decks, and equipment for events
•    Assist in the annual budget planning process and regularly monitor expenditures
•    Perform other duties as assigned


•    Frequent standing and walking required
•    Must be able to work at elevated heights
•    Must be able to lift heavy equipment (50 pound or more) on a frequent basis
•    May be required to work in a kneeling, stooping, bending, or prone position for a prolonged period of time on a frequent basis


•    High school diploma or equivalent required
•    Minimum 5 years experience in trades required
•    Must hold all accredited certifications for the position including certifications for welding, chillers, and air handlers
•    Proficiency in the use of all tools/equipment utilized in the various trades required
•    Must be able to read, understand, and perform work from sketches, drawings, and blueprints required
•    Must have working knowledge and understanding of “clean room” mechanical systems and protocols
•    Fiscal responsibility including maintaining budgets and managing budget projections
•    Ability to work weekends, evening hours, or holidays as needed and assigned

Core Competencies
•    Interpersonal Relations – Establishes rapport with others at all organizational levels; shows respect for others; considers and responds to the needs, feelings, and capabilities of others; establishes and maintains an open dialogue with others; works with others in a healthy and productive way
•    Customer Service/Teamwork – Is dedicated to internal and external customer service; committed to the Center’s customer service standards, regardless of position; is able to work independently or as part of a dynamic team
•    Communication – Oral and written communication expresses ideas and facts in a clear and understandable manner appropriate for the individual or group; listens to and comprehends what others are saying
•    Self-Management – Assesses own skills and abilities and identifies areas for improvement; willingly accepts constructive feedback; can work independently, or as part of a dynamic team; is able to produce under tight deadlines; can successfully handle multiple projects; possesses excellent organizational skills
•    Personal Integrity and Professional Conduct – Demonstrates dependability, honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and credibility; models appropriate professional behavior; accepts responsibilities for own actions; maintains confidentiality; upholds ethical standards
•    Adaptability – Adjusts, modifies own behavior, remains flexible in response to changing situations and environments, new or rapidly changing information, and unexpected obstacles; maintains high performance, emotional composure, objectivity, and balanced perspective under pressure and shifting priorities
•    Organizational Awareness - Uses the organization’s formal and informal social, political, and technical structures to build relationships, negotiate solutions and accomplish goals. Stays open-minded, embracing key elements of diverse perspectives, adapting strategies as needs, expectations or the organizational climate evolve. Gets positive results for clients and/or visitors and other stakeholders, based on accurate assessments of what is realistic and whose support is essential.

Equal Opportunity Employment
•    The National Constitution Center is committed to equal employment opportunity. It is our policy to encourage and support equal employment for all employees and applicants without regard to age, sex, race, color, ancestry, religious creed, national origin, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, individual genetic information, disabled veteran or Vietnam Era Veteran status.

Americans with Disabilities Act
•    Applicants as well as employees who are, or become disabled, must be able to perform the essential job functions either unaided or with reasonable accommodation. The organization shall determine reasonable accommodation on a case-by-case basis in accordance with applicable law.

Job Responsibilities
•    The above statements reflect the general duties and responsibilities considered necessary to perform the essential functions of the job. This document should not be considered a fully detailed description of all the work requirements of the positions. Other duties may be assigned that are not listed in the above description and the Center may change the specific job duties with or without prior notice based on the needs of the organization.


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